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Houstonians have always been about taking action and making things happen. With rising energy costs and political instability across our world, what better time to make ourselves less energy dependent than NOW? Each of us can do some simple things to reduce our dependency on energy and equally as important save ourselves money with lower utility bills.

We have always been the energy capital of the world. Let’s extend that to being the energy conservation capital of the world. We know how to get things done!



The City of Houston has proven that simple weatherization measures installed in residential homes can cut energy consumption and in turn REDUCE UTILITY BILLS at www.reephouston.net.


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  City and GTRI Agree to Develop Recommendations for Improving Energy Efficiency in Houston Buildings

Increasing its efforts to make Houston green, the City of Houston has entered into a multi-year contract with the Geotechnology Research Institute (GTRI), a state entity housed at the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC).  GTRI will partner with the City to develop policies that encourage the design and construction of energy efficient facilities.

"We’re working together to make Houston green,” said the Houston mayor.  “Our goal is to make Houston the energy conservation capital of the world.”

With the help of some of the top research scientists and engineers in the region, the City will focus future construction and maintenance efforts on how best to conserve energy, enhance water conservation and advance the quality of life within the City. 

“Our first priority will be to consider what improvements can be made to the City of Houston’s 271 facilities, addressing energy efficiency, conservation and operational cost reductions,” explained a city spokesperson..

Richard Haut, senior research scientist at HARC/GTRI, said the agreement with the City should result in a range of sustainable design recommendations that can improve energy efficiency and conservation.  “By implementing innovative measures related to facility design, infrastructure, water usage, waste handling, and housing, Houston can emerge as a leader in energy conservation,” Dr. Haut said.

“Researchers at HARC and GTRI are excited to participate in this important initiative,” said Bob Harriss, HARC president. “Increased energy efficiencies represent a win-win for everyone who works, lives or visits the City.”

About the GTRI and HARC
Founded in 1982 and based in The Woodlands, Texas, HARC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving human and ecosystem well-being through the application of sustainability science and the principles of sustainable development. The Geotechnology Research Institute was created in 1985 by the 68th Legislature and is housed at HARC. For more information about HARC, visit www.harc.edu

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“I’m a 78-year-old widow and paying for electricity during summer months can be very tasking, so I am grateful that the weatherization was installed in my home and I have seen a lower electric bill.”

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